WP is Different

There are three main areas which differentiate WP as a Global handset manufacturer:-

Historic linkages

WP was the first handset manufacturer in the history of Siemens to manufacture jointly with Siemens (Now SiemensBenq).

WP now manufactures jointly with Samsung, Mitsubishi and SiemensBenq - thus ensuring that WP phones have superior build quality and reliability. In this way WP is able to leverage the best value and build for best strategic price. It should be noted that WP owns its designs and is therefore also able to offer both OEM and ODM services to its partners.

Exceptional Emerging Markets expertise now available in all markets

WP has extensive experience and knowledge of the emerging markets. This has led to the manufacture of easy to use, quality phones at extremely competitive prices.

WP's emerging markets expertise makes it a natural partner for all networks, distributors and retailers working within those markets. However, that same expertise has enabled WP to manufacture quality, full featured models with which to facilitate increases in ARPU for networks and increased margins for distributors and retailers working within the European and American markets.

Quality, Flexibility, Responsiveness - all over the World

WP's models cost up to 40% less than comparable models made by other manufacturers; but with none of the accompanying loss of quality often associated with "cheaper" brands.

WP is a global manufacturer with the flexibility and responsiveness of a local brand. This melding of approaches enables WP to work in partnership with networks, distributors and retailers so that their customers are able to enjoy global benefits locally.

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