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UK Brand of Mobile Phones Launched

IBT Technologies have launched the first UK brand of mobile phones called WP, through the website www.wpphones.com.

This is a first in the UK for the following reasons:

1. This is the first global launch of a UK brand of mobile phones that will change the way we communicate. For the first time, we are free to shop around for the network operator offering the best deal, instead of taking the airtime deal attached to the phone we want to buy.

2. The no-frills, low-cost, high quality strategy will disrupt the phone industry like Easyjet and Ryanair did to the airline industry.

3. This is the first time that people can buy a full range of mobile phones from medium to high specifications at a low cost without being locked into a 12-24 month contract.

4. WP Phones International phones work on all networks. As against not being able to use your SIM card from O2 on a phone you bought from TMobile.

5. Itís a Dotcom. Dotcom is back, and this time itís real and profitable, with distributors selling the WP brand all over the world.

6. Customers are free to upgrade their handsets whenever they want, because they can use their existing SIM cards on WP Phones International phones and WP will buy back their old WP handset.

7. With WP Phones International , no customer is obliged to sign any airtime agreement. Ever.

The above demonstrates the uniqueness of this new brand, which can be viewed and purchased at www.wpphones.com.

London on the line

1877: William Preece brings the first pair of telephones to Britain following their invention in the US in 1876.

1878: first lines erected in London at Hay's Wharf, south of the Thames, to the Hay's Wharf office on the north bank.

1879: first public telephone exchange opens at 36 Coleman St, with eight subscribers.

1902: the "Central", "City", "Mayfair", "Western" and "Victoria" exchanges open.

1950s-1960s: STD codes introduced, and the "name" exchanges are gradually phased out. London gets the first area code - 01.

1990: 01 code expanded to "inner" 071 and "outer" 081 to cope with demographic shifts and expansion of the city.

1995: extra "1" added to area codes around the country on "PhONEday" to cope with growth in demand. Outer London becomes 0181; inner London, 0171.

2000: London area codes changed again to 020 7 and 020 8, plus seven digits.

2005: 0203 to be introduced in the summer

Source: Ofcom, Bob Freshwater's online UK Telephone History

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