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WP Phones launches Skype phone

WP Phones (World Phones) is soon to launch the first fully Skype compatible phone. Skype users can plug the phone into their laptops via USB port to make Skype calls like a mobile/home telephone. This way, users can use WP phones to make free VOIP or Skype calls to other Skype users globally using a mobile-like handset instead of being stuck facing their laptops.

The usage of the WP Skype compatible handset will increase the user friendliness of VOIP calls generally and is set to grow the Skype user base in particular.

Skype; www.skype.com allows users to make free phone calls anywhere in the world provided users download the free Skype software.

WP Phones; www.wpworldphones.com is a British designer and manufacturer of mobile phone handsets under the WP brand. WP, known as "the World Phones" is the fastest growing brand in Africa and is renowned for manufacturing and selling high-tech phones at low cost. The UK designed phones can be used on all GSM/GPRS networks.

WP Phones in Stuff magazine

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WP Sponsors Nick Faldo Charity Launch at Brockett Hall Golf Club

Nick Faldo launched his charity in the form of an exhibition match with Bob Wilson, David Seamen and Jasper Carrott. Nick and Jasper took on Bob and David on what was a very enjoyable day. We will leave you to guess who the winners were.

This is part of the WP(World Phones) launch series creating awareness of the UK brand.

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