Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the WP website. WP is well known for being one of the fastest growing brands that nobody has heard of…….yet! The situation is of course changing rapidly - in fact, even as you read this message.

WP is growing steadily, fulfilling the Company's strategy to be a global brand recognised locally as a household name. The term we use for this within the company is 'GLOCAL' - a global brand which is at the same time local to the customer.

WP Phones strategy is to focus exclusively on continuous value creation at the right price for our customers and end users respectively.

The WP slogans; "just quality phones from WP" and "WP the World Phones" will continue to be the driving factor of our ethos of delivering quality products and are at the forefront of the WP global advertising strategy.

Our aim is to address customer needs and satisfy those needs using the WP low cost and differentiation strategies.

The Western European handset market is more or less saturated. What we find is that technology and innovation now drives this saturated market (as evidenced in the sell-out of video phones over last Christmas period) which is in itself more advanced than the US market in design and technology. The African and Indian markets are now two of the fastest growing in the world which is why WP Phones focuses on the emerging markets where saturation or teledensity is only 10%, as against 95% in Europe.

It is the aim of WP Phones to gain 5% of the European market and 2% of the global market within the next five years. This we hope to achieve through advanced technology delivery and innovative styling, all at the right price globally and through collaboration with existing and new direct contacts with importers and distributors in the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, India and the Far East.

Through our combination of continuous promotion, combined with quality products and services, we aim to acquire and retain new customers all the time.

The strategy for WP is based on product differentiation. The products' low relative cost will generate greater market penetration, creating a dynamic global handset business.

Our strategy is for WP Phones to continue to grow, create jobs, and become competitive in the global GSM and CDMA handsets market through continuous design and manufacture of quality and innovative mobile phones and software to the market at the right price.

WP Phones is settling properly into the market and is becoming a recognised brand as expected.

We look forward to working with you our customers and our partners well into the future - join us on our journey!

Lawrence Thomas
Global Chairman and CEO

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