Introduction to WP Worldphones International SA

WP World Phones International SA (also known as "WP" or "World Phones"), is a British mobile phone handset manufacturer and global supplier of mobile phones and telecommunications and information technology solutions which now has headquarters in Switzerland and offices all over the world.

WP and WP Phones are trademarks wholly-owned by WP World Phones International SA.

In addition to being one of the fastest growing brands in Africa, WP is also moving rapidly in Central and South America, the Caribbean, India , Europe and the Far East .

WPs global strategy includes working closely with network providers, distributors and dealers to discuss and agree upon how strategically priced phones can create a win-win situation. WP is also currently in discussions with a number of organisations globally including members of the GSM Association.

WP has collaborated with the dominant networks in selected countries in Africa, the Middle East, USA , India , Asia, the Caribbean and South and Central America .

Discussions are also ongoing with network operators in other countries including Belgium , Norway , Ukraine , Russia and Italy . In addition, WP is currently in discussions with networks, distributors and retailers in the UK as well as other networks, importers and dealers all over the world.

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